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plex Pipelines PVC-U Drain Waste & Vent (DWV) system is one of the most comprehensive on the market with a full range from 40mm to 375mm in diameter. Iplex was a pioneer in the development and marketing of PVC systems for DWV applications and is well known for its excellent product quality.

PVC-U is the predominant material used in DWV applications in Australia.  The economic advantages are

well accepted, they are lightweight, resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, do not support combustion

(are approved for multi-storey plumbing in conjunction with approved fire stop collars), they are impervious

to bacteria and fungal attack and are not subject to electrolytic corrosion.  The fittings are designed with a

high impact strength, which helps prevent damage during handling and installation. All parts assemble

easily using either solvent cement or rubber seal rings to accommodate thermal or ground movement.