Iplex Pipelines : Details

Iplex Pipelines

PVC U Pressure Pipe and Fittings
PVC Pipes and Fittings

A thermoplastic material) using the extrusion process. PVC (also known as uPVC

and PVC-U) pipes were introduced into Australia in the early 1960's and are now

widely accepted for use in water supply, irrigation and sewerage rising mains.

Their high strength to weight ratio together with exceptional resistance to corrosion

or chemical attack makes these pipes ideal for major infrastructure applications.

A report has been published by PIPA (PVC Pipelines Industry Association of

Australia) on an investigation of 600 km of PVC pipes laid in the early 1970s as

part of the Millewa Waterworks District Scheme. It involved the exhumation and

testing of numerous pipe specimens and confirmed the long-term durability

and serviceability of PVC-U pressure pipes.

Iplex PVC-U pressure pipes meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1477 "PVC pipes

and fittings for pressure applications" and the Water Services Association of

Australia (WSAA) Reticulation Code WSA 03.


Iplex PVC-U pipes are recognised for their advantages and have been used extensively since the 1970’s in the following applications,

  • Major potable water supply trunk and reticulation mains
  • Irrigation and turf watering systems
  • Industrial process pipelines
  • Effluent pipelines for pumped sewage, industrial and rural wastes
  • Slurry pipelines carrying abrasive and corrosive mine or quarry materials