Crane Copper Tube : Details

Crane Copper Tube

Crane Copper Tube – BSEN1057
Copper Pipes and Fittings

Crane copper tube : great versatility for multiple uses including hot and cold water, above and below ground services, gas reticulation, sanitary and drainage, heating and general plumbing applications. Thus Abdulaziz Hamad Al Saleh S.P.C is importing Copper tubes and Fittings from Australia.

Polylag Plastic Sleeved Tube: Crane Copper Tube Polylag is manufactured with non-castellated plastic lagging. This product is particularly useful in aggressive environments and below ground applications.

Polylag Premium: Crane Copper Tube Polylag Premium has a castellated plastic sleeve which forms air pockets around the tube, creating an effective thermal barrier (since air is a poor conductor of heat), and improving thermal insulation properties