Chairman Statement

Working hard, healthy work environment and customer satisfaction is AHS building blocks of success

For the last five decades I have witnessed the dramatic changes occurred to Bahrain Economy, then i realized how hard the journey of sucess will accommodate.

Since then, "Abdulaziz Hamad Al Saleh S.P.C" had grown with the kingdom of Bahrain economy and become the agent of the biggest factory for copper tupe and fittings in Australia “CRANE” .

Nerveless, agency of worldwide trade marks for PVC fittings had been obtained from the leading Company in the world "IPLEX".

From these two ancient brands the success began of "Abdul Aziz Hamad Al Saleh S.P.C" as house of unique and genuine brands from all around the world  and our reputation had been developed widely reaching the GCC Region , therefore I'm  proud to announce that  "AHS"  is the home of more than 30 brands supplied to Kingdom of Bahrain community.

As of now and after developing the company over these decades with varaiety of brands that the customer will enjoy to choose among, I believe that "Abdulaziz Hamad Al Saleh S.P.C"  has the mega share of supplying sanitary ware , piping system and fittings to the kingdom of Bahrain.

Hamad Abdulaziz Al Saleh

Owner and General Manager

Company History

"Abdulaziz Hamad AlSaleh S.P.C" was founded by Mr. Abdulaziz Hamad AlSaleh

Vision & Mission

Vision Our vision is to maintain our regional leadership as premier supplie

Corporate Profile

"Abdulaziz Hamad AlSaleh S.P.C" was established in 1962 , Licensed by the M

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